Warranty Agreement – AxesStruct (Pty)Ltd.

Warranty Agreement – AxeStruct (Pty)Ltd.


Subjected to conditions listed below, Axe Struct warrants its direct customer that the mounting structure will be free from structural failure for a period of ten (10) years from the date of delivery.

If structural failure occurs, Axe Struct shall, at its option and expense and as its sole and exclusive obligation, replace the defective component with a new or updated component. Performance under this Warranty Agreement will not trigger the commencement of a new warranty period, nor will it extend the applicable warranty period.


The forgoing warranty statement is subject to the following conditions:

• The mounting structures are handled and installed by a qualified installer in accordance with the Axe Struct installation manuals.
• The mounting structure components were transported, stored, installed, assembled, tested or operated in accordance with best prudent industry methods and practices.
• Deterioration is not caused by excessive exposure to standing water, corrosive chemicals, smoke or raining water containing carbon, deposits of particles of heavy metals such as iron or copper, alkaline products such as ash, cement dust or animal excrement.
• The mounting structure is not subject to extraordinary environmental conditions (excess voltage, magnetic fields or similar circumstances).
• The mounting structure is not subject to a force majeure events (storm, hail, flooding, lightening, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, instability of the sub surface or foundation, strikes, war, or events out of Axe Struct’s control).
• The visual aspect of the cut edges and discolouration of the surface due to run off from cut edges or adjacent parts is not covered by this warranty.
• This warranty is not valid for areas with high abrasion (desert zones with strong sand winds).
• During the lifetime it is the responsibility of the customer to maintain the products in accordance to the Axe Struct inspection and maintenance plan. The customer is therefore required to conduct annual inspections of the mounting structure and to provide annual maintenance which includes tightening any loose bolts or other connections and repairing any galvanized coating showing any signs of wear, rust or other deterioration.
• The load capacity of the roof construction and/or the foundations, footers or ground have been assured according to the accepted state-of-the-art technology and applicable technical norms and regulations.
• The foundation design with ramming depth and appropriate surface treatment is based on the geotechnical report provided by the customer.
• The amount of solar on the roof is approved and based on the stability study report provided by the customer.
• Any alterations or modifications to the mounting structure will void this warranty.
• Full payment has been received inclusive of all change orders.


To invoke this warranty, Axe Struct must be notified in writing within five (5) days of the identification of any defect indicating a potential problem with the elements of the frames and foundations and given Axe Struct a reasonable opportunity to inspect the mounting structures.
Axe Struct will at its sole option and discretion, in order to find the most appropriate and costefficient way to solve the issue, either repair or deliver adequate replacement products free of charge. In case of hidden defect(s) to the mounting structure, Axe Struct will take in charge the direct costs related to the replacement or repair of the final product provided such costs have been mitigated by the customer.

Liability Limits

• Axe Struct warrants no items or components furnished or warranted by others, or as to any item or component which is furnished by Axe Struct and altered, damaged or misused by others.
• Axe Struct will not be liable for repairing direct or indirect damage caused by third parties.
• The Warranty Agreement does not cover photovoltaic modules, electrical components, wiring connections, or any other accessories, fixtures, insulation, goods, or materials not directly associated with the mounting structure.
• This Warranty Agreement does not apply if the defects or discrepancies in the condition of the mounting structure are not material and such defects or discrepancies are insignificant with respect to the value of the mounting structure.
• Axe Struct is not liable for any delays or failure to provide the warranty, if that delay or failure is caused by force majeure.
• The total scope of liability under this Warranty Agreement is limited to the purchase price paid by the customer for this mounting structure.
• Axe Struct will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising from or out of the installation or use of the product. In such event, Axe Struct will not be liable for personal injury, property damage, lost revenue, operational disruptions or downtime.
• Axe Struct accepts no liability for losses or damages arising from the determination of environmental parameters, location of erection and the resulting selection of a solar system.
The sole responsibility for this assessment lies with the customer.